Could Not Open Socket reCAPTCHA Error

After months of receiving spam through my contact forms I decided it was time to add reCAPTCHA to them in the hope of stemming the tide of garbage. This now under the control of Google I thought there wasn’t going to be an issue with this. Having just installed reCAPTCHA on my works websites I knew what to do and all went well on those sites. On the Friday I did 3 forms on my own sites and all worked as expected, on the Saturday I did the last form I had, but that one didn’t work. All I kept getting was a ‘could not open socket’ error.

Initially I thought I must have made some error in the code but after checking the code against that which I had done the day before I could see no error. And more over the 3 forms I did the day before that worked, now no longer worked and displayed the same error message, what the hell?? Most frustrating was the fact that this was all the message said and gave no clue as to what was causing it. I made a number of attempts to find which section of code that was

Computer-aided-translation Pros And Cons

Translation memory (TM) systems, the most widely used toolkits in the localization of digital information at HQ-translate agency, enable the translation and cultural adaptation of electronic content (e-content) for local markets. The idea behind TM systems is to store in a computer system the original e-content and the translation that has been produced by human translators; the stored translated version of the source document has been broken down into manageable units, generally one sentence long.

For people like me, who started out in the translation profession in the pre-CAT-tool era and now are regular CAT-tool users, it is obvious that to some extent the main argument of CAT tools developers is true: these devices improve productivity. Yet I always had the curiosity to measure this improvement in terms of time and profit. Especially during the last few years that translation agencies tend to demand considerable price reductions when a translation is processed using a CAT tool, it becomes more and more difficult to understand whether or not the improvement in productivity is canceled by price reductions.

Today the most popular CAT tools: TRADOS, Deja vu, Wordfast. The advantages of using translation memory systems are fairly obvious: they increase the translator??s productivity and

Computer Virus

Sometime the term computer virus is used to describe a logic bomb in which a piece of unauthorized code acts as a parasite that attaches it self to a host program during a copy operation. Like their biological counterparts computer viruses reproduced and spread; copy commands embedded in the virus code to make, it reproduce and transmit commands may be inserted to spread the virus from one computer to the other on its network. Unfortunately, viruses are common in today’s, computer system and the potential problems they may cause must be addressed. In 1992, the potential problems became even worse. Professional computer viruses fighters were outraged by the publication of the book that contain the source code heeded to create potentially destructive viruses, plus coupons for floppy disk containing executable virus program.

To be able to analyze and remove viruses from the computer system you need to ascertain its type some of the types have been discussed below:

Macro Viruses

Developing Viruses

Boot Sector Viruses

Macro Viruses:

Macro virus is the first virus to infect the data files, rather than executable. Macro viruses infects the files in the form of macro or OLE objects and are easier to write than “traditional” files viruses which are mostly

Computer Tips – How To Delate Internet History

One important feature of the computer is the Internet history feature, which enables users to retrace the websites they have visited previously. Sometimes it may be important for the user to be able to go back to the previously visited sites and the links are still in the history feature.

However, as the user continues to surf the internet, the history will just pile up until eventually it slows the performance of the computer and makes it sluggish. Therefore knowing how to delete internet history is useful to free up some space on your computer and continue to enjoy a trouble free computing experience with a faster and more effective computer.

Deleting internet history is not difficult to do. Anyone can learn how but first having a key board will be important with Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer.

With all these key elements present, then just double click on the Internet Explorer icon. This is usually present in the start menus of the computer. When you have opened the internet explorer icon look for the tools option and click it. This is usually found on the top left hand of the computer screen. Then a selection of applications will appear in a column.

Computer The Most Important Invention Of The Neneteenth Century

Computers are the most important invention of the nineteenth century. Since then they have made marvelous innovations in the world of science and technology and thus form the most important of all the inventions in the world that have been formed after the electricity. The calculating device that was initially made in the form of abacus has been modified over the years to form super frame computers, mini frame computers, desktops and laptops. This device has made every day life much more organized and comfortable. However computers have although made our life very comfortable their frequent breakdown cause us considerable trouble.
Computer repair New York services include both the hardware and software repair services. Different technicians get training in different type of repairs some specialize in networking, some in hardware and others in software. They offer a number of services that help us improve the performance of our computers. In this way maintenance of a smoothly running PC will become more easy.
The regular service of the computer is very much necessary to maintain a smooth running. You should take your computer to the nearest technician for the regular service. Sometimes the vents in the laptops or the computers get

Computer Technical Support-beginning Of New Age

Remember the school-day definition of the computer, Computer is an electronic device, which accepts data, processes it either mathematically or logically, and gives desired output? It seems so simple today. But when you go in deep scrutiny, the apparent simplicity turns into complexity. How well the operating system, application software and the hardware coordinate and collaborate, is no less than the mystery of our own body functions. Nowadays, you are making use of the computer in a rather complex way, where it is connected with other similar PCs or laptops, routers, printers and more. Probability of error or problem is hard to deny at any stage. It can be simple or complex.

The basic of computer repair and maintenance starts right from home or on your own. You might be aware with some of the troubleshooting steps, and can take care of issues related to slow performance, Internet connectivity, driver conflicts and more. But the growing sophistication and the business challenges have paved the way of computer technical support, as a separate discipline, and thankfully, businesses and enterprises have come to the rescue.

Computer technical support is not mere a phrase, it incorporates the wholehearted support for computer set-up, Internet networking, data

Computer System Software Programs Apple Mac, Licensing, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec With Customer Re

A few of the leading endorsement software program programs function to teach people on computer system procedures. Learn2, which is located at, has all form of programs that educate users concerning the best ways to make use of specific computer procedures. This includes making use of Microsoft Office programs, Lotus spreadsheet programs or even standard computer usage sessions.

There are programs that are popular for travel preparation also. Unlike a common atlas, one of these programs could provide in-depth directions on how to get from one indicate one more with details on all form of hotels, restaurants and other attractions on the way. Microsoft Streets and Trips is the most popular program in this classification. Not just does this consist of updated information yet it additionally permits complimentary online updates pertaining to building and DIRECTION FINDER compatibility.

The last of the sorts of leading referral software programs entails that of tax preparation software application. Yearly the federal tax code will certainly alter and a number of brand-new points will certainly show up in the code. To stay on par with all these changes it is important that the ideal endorsement software program programs be made use of for this. As a